Hydraulic Press — Automatic 20/30/40/60 Tons


Automatic hydraulic pressing machines
Touch screen controller for programming the pressing porcess
Pressing force from 20tons, 30tons, 40tons to 60tons
Top wheel to adjust pressing position and limit travel distance
Travel distance ~40mm
Hydraulic pump pressure <40MPa
Work with 5/10W-20/30 Mobil oil
Built-in safety enclosure for safety requirements
Accessories include oil tin, hex wrench, o-rings
One-year limited manufacturer warranty

 Model Max. Force Piston Stage Working Space Weight
LPM-A20T 20 ton ϕ95mm ϕ110mm 8x8x15cm 175lbs
LPM-A30T 30 ton ϕ110mm ϕ130mm 12x12x16cm 200lbs
LPM-A40T 40 ton ϕ130mm ϕ150mm 16x16x20cm 300lbs
LPM-A60T 60 ton ϕ150mm ϕ175mm 18x18x25cm 450lbs