Electric Fusion Furnaces — 1200°C Automatic


High performance furnace using surface enhanced heating elements
Inert ceramic mold and crucible holders for easy cleaning
Unique forced convention for controlled cooling and safe operation
Multi-point safety protection for users
Programmable one-key operation
User friendly control panel
Different fusion flux agents to choose
Working positions 2/4/6
Heating rate: <40 ℃ per min
Maximum temperature: 1200 ℃
Control: central PLC/HMI system with RS485
Fusion platinum ware: available as option, D40 or D32 casting mold and 20mL crucible, Pt95% Au 5%
One year limited manufacturer warranty

 Model Heating Watts Chamber Volume Chamber Dimensions Overall Dimensions
VFUSE-2 1500W 1.0L 10x10x10cm 62x53x50cm
VFUSE-4 4000W 12.0L 30x20x20cm 85x67x73cm
VFUSE-6 8000W 36.0L 40x30x30cm 88x72x93cm